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Benefits to the Community
(Benefits that our Supermarket bring to our targeted Low-Income
Urban East Oakland Community)

1. Fast Food Alternative – The Organization’s targeted area is oversaturated with fast food shops. There is one fast food shop for every 7,499 residents in our targeted area VS one for every 25,964 residents in Oakland’s more affluent combined areas of Piedmont Avenue, Montclair and Rockridge. Fresh Market will offer a healthy and affordable alternative to fast food. 

2. Improved Access to Fresh Groceries – Currently there is one supermarket for every 52,498 residents in our targeted area versus one store for every 8,655 residents in Oakland more affluent combined area of Piedmont Avenue, Rockridge and Montclair. Residents of the targeted community area now have to travel great distances to purchase fresh and healthy groceries. Area residents could travel up to 4.1 miles east to the nearest Safeway store in adjourning San Leandro or up to 4.2 miles west to the nearest Lucky store. Fresh Market will reduce the distance traveled by residents to reach a full service grocery store.

3. Youth Employment – 30% of the jobs created through Fresh Market will go to area youth who have been made workplace ready through the Youth employment Development component of The Kinte Center’s Youth Employment Program.

4. Improved Community Health – As is widely known and discussed the lack of healthy foods in low income communities result in elevated health problems. For example, two of the three zip codes that make up our targeted community are considered low income. These two zip codes are 94603 and 95621. According to Alameda County health Statistics the hospitalization rate for diabetes for ages 35 to 54 in zip code 94603 is 355 per 1000 and the rate for 94621 is 347 per 1000 VS a county rate of 113 per 1000. Available and affordable Fresh Market supermarkets will bring healthy foods to our targeted community area and will help reduce levels of obesity, diabetes and other unhealthy food consumption problems in the area.

5. Improved and Expanded Local Business OwnershipFresh Market will be locally owned and will expand locally owned commerce in the targeted Community area.

6. Nutritional Tips for the Community – The plan calls for Fresh Market to engage the service of a nutritionist who will develop healthy and nutritional diet ideas. These will be mailed to the over 30,000 households in the community that the store will serve. In addition nutritional information meeting sessions will be offered.

7. Month end-Buy on Credit Opportunity Fresh Market will offer discount cards to all patrons. Realizing that a low income community is being served, this same card will be able to be used as a card to purchase groceries on credit during the last seven (7) days of each month as long as there is no existing balance.

8. All profits from Fresh Market supermarket operations will go to fund our facilitating non-profits’ Youth Employment Program. To learn more about the program go to and click on the menu button “Youth Employment Program”.

9. Free wheel chair accessible van service for our targeted East Oakland community's seniors and disabled veterans to and from CityEast Markets. 



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