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The Team
(Our Grocery Store Development and Operational Oversight Team)

The CityEast Markets team has more than 50 years of collective supermarket management experience, as well as education and experience in business, banking, medicine, start-ups, and architecture and small business ownership among others:

The Founder

Charles "Ed' Brown, the founder of the Kinte Center Inc. which owns CityEast Markets Inc. has experience in business development and owned and managed two small businesses. He is education at the MBA level with a successful a career in business and finance along with a successful record in the management of staffs of 50 or more employees at work in financial data processing and accounting functions at Bank of America. The founder will work closely with the store manager and lend all of his business management and people management skills to ensure the success of CityEast Markets Inc.

C. BrownC. Edward "Ed" Brown MBA,
Founder & CEO

A career in banking & finance
management. Owned two small businesses. Developed and launched a Produce Market. Over five years volunteering with the City of Oakland. Twice elected Chairman of Community Policing.

Store ManagerGeneral Manager and Two Assistants

To be hired. The General Manager will be offered an ownership stock option. He or she will be highly qualified and experienced in Supermarket management. Our Team member Dave Green who is himself highly qualified and experience in supermarket management and retail management at the regional level has assured me that he is prepared to introduce us to well qualified prospective General Managers. The General Manager will be chosen early and will be brought aboard to join the team at the beginning of the operations planning stage, which includes staffing and equipment selection.

ConsultantDave Green,
Advisor, Grocery Store Operations

Graduate of San Francisco State University. Managerial experience at the District Manager level with strengths in people management both in retail and private sectors. 24 years and 6 mos. Store Management work experience with Safeway plus 3 years 6 months' work experience as store manager with Fresh & Easy. Also, District Manager work experience at United Pacific.



Jeffery HansenJeffery Hansen,
Advisor, Grocery Store Operations

19 years of work experience with Safeway at the store operations management level. Recipient of Presidential Service Award and Special Sales Awards at Safeway. A Volunteer youth minister at Oakland Catholic charities. Currently owner/operator of his Oakland based business that grosses 2 to 2.5 million dollars annually and employs six to seven employees.



Jimmy KwongJimmy Kwong,
Advisor, Grocery Store Operations

Sixteen and one half years with Lucky's Supermarket. Utility Manager of produce, Frozen foods and other in-store operations. Functioned as Swing & Night Manager.





Dr. Richard J. KerbavazRichard J. Kerbavaz,
M.D., Director

Is an award winning, Board Certified Otolaryngologist (ENT) with Alta Bates Medical Group, Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation HMO Network, and Sutter Medical Network in Oakland. As a member of the community and a medical professional, Dr. Kerbavaz has a deep understanding and genuine concern for the health and well-being of those residing in economically depressed, urban communities, and is dedicated to resolving the “Food Desert” problem.


Leal CharonautLeal Charonaut,
Architect & Engineer

Specializes in retail architecture with 15 years of retail architectural experience. Currently provides pro-bono architectural advice for the building of the Supermarket. A strong advocate for community based, community serving retail businesses in East Oakland.




Eddie LankfordEddie Lankford,
Advisor, Grocery Store Operatns

Eddie Lankford is a very resourceful board member. He spearheaded an effort that transformed our grocery operational expertise team into a team with over 50 years of grocery operational expertise. He is also very active in our effort to sell our supermarket stock to raise working capital. He attended Laney College, Oakland California where he majored in Media Communications. He has eight years of work experience with Safeway in various General Merchandising capacities and 20 years of videography work experience. He is currently a self-employed Videographer.


Grocery Store Start-up Consulting

$81,000 in start-up cost allocated for Grocery Store start-up consulting.







Our Facilitating 501 (C) (3) Charitable non-profit

The full resources of our facilitating non-profit with a Youth Centered Job Creation mission is available to our grocery store effort.

Store Management
Our supermarket will be managed by a strong store management team consisting of a store manager and two assistant store managers. The store founder C. Edward Brown who is an MBA will select and hire the store manager with two assistant managers with grocery expertise; all operating under the close oversight of the founder C. Edward Brown who is an MBA with a background in banking at the Senior Assistant Vice-president level with oversight of managers in charge of various operations. Our founder also has past business ownership and management experience with strong people management and customer service skills and with proven skills in budgeting and budget variance analysis which will enable early detection and adjustment for any ensuing financial difficulties in order to keep the supermarket profitable. In addition, we have budgeted to hire consulting as needed.

Professional Services
Legal services – Our Business Attorney of record is William A. Taylor with the law firm of William A. Taylor, Attorney, Taylor, Goins & Stallwotrh LLP.

CPA Services – Our chosen CPA firm is Grant & Smith LLP, Certified Public Accounts.

Consultant(s) – While the CityEast Markets Inc. team has an appreciable level of business and finance experience; even small business ownership among the team members, it realizes it's team's shortcomings in grocery business experience and expertise and as such; in addition to hiring highly qualified grocery store management, plans are to hire grocery store consulting expertise as needed to include grocery store start-up consulting. Further CityEast Markets Inc. is looking for opportunities to bring volunteer grocery expertise aboard in a volunteer advisory capacity.



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