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The Local Market Analysis

The planned new grocery store(s) will raise the full service grocery store per capita in the targeted community area. The full service grocery store per capita for Oakland's more upscale combined communities of Piedmont Avenue, Rockridge and Montclair is one full service grocery for every 8,655 residents. The full service grocery store per capita for our targeted East Oakland community area is one store for every 52, 483 residents. There is a very definite need for full service grocery store in our targeted majority Black low income urban community area in East Oakland. The generally accepted is one full service grocery store on average for every 9,500 residents. See the graphical illustration below:

Per Captia Chart

Further, using the one grocery store for every 9,500 resident data, with a population approaching 106,000, our targeted community area can support 11.2 full service grocery stores. Currently there are two full service grocery stores serving our targeted area with a population of around 106,000 leaving support for an estimated 9 additional full service grocery stores (s).

Based on the Estimated Average Annual Household Consumer Expenditures totaling $127,471,835.03 (over 127 million dollars) that residents of the targeted community area spend on groceries, the potential equal income share for each of the would be 11.2 stores would be $11,475,569.60 per store annually. This bodes well for the success of our planned full service grocery store(s) for our targeted low income community area in East Oakland.

With existing Estimated Average Annual Household on groceries totaling $127,471,835.03 (over 27 million dollars) along with a serious shortage of full service grocery stores and where the targeted community area consumers need healthy groceries it is quite likely that the residents of our targeted community area will enthusiastically purchase groceries at our planned conveniently located and easily accessible local CityEast Markets Inc. grocery store (s).

The above described new business start-up process is a classic example of good old fashioned American Free Market Enterprise at work. The residents of our targeted community area spend over 127 million dollars annually on groceries and there is a definite need for grocery stores located in the community area. CityEast Markets Inc. will provide the groceries that the community needs, thereby meeting the community area's fresh grocery needs while creating jobs and improving the community's economic base.



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